Introducing Paymium ‘Pay with Bitcoin’ Merchant Solution

Using Paymium, European merchants can now accept Euro payments through the Bitcoin network.

Press releases:
Paymium Merchants – Press release – 2014-06-30 (PDF EN)
Paymium Merchants – Communiqué de presse – 30/06/2014 (PDF FR)

Pictures and logo:
Invoice specimenWebsite screenshotCapture d’écranPaymium Logo


Accepting Bitcoin payments is now easier than ever. Paymium is delighted to introduce today its merchant solution to accept payments in Bitcoin with instant conversion to Euro, without fee, for every European merchant.

Using this easy-to-setup, easy-to-use solution, merchants can now accept payments with Bitcoin, without currency exchange rate risk: amounts are displayed in Euro and paid with Bitcoins; the Bitcoin payment is then instantly converted to Euro.

In other words, if a product is sold 100€ and paid with Bitcoin using Paymium, the merchant receives 100€. Funds are instantly available and can be withdrawn with no rolling reserve.

Live example: hand-picked premium Champagne retailer accepts payments with Bitcoin using Paymium 1.

Specimen - Invoice

Pay with Bitcoin‘ – Invoice specimen


How to accept Bitcoin payments with Paymium:

  1. Sign-up to a Merchant / Corporate account
  2. Add Bitcoin payments to your website (with our plugins or API)
  3. Tell your customers you now accept Bitcoin, and enjoy your first sales using Paymium!


Price & features – Accept Bitcoin payments with Paymium:

  • Transaction fee : 0%
  • Trial period : FREE until January 1, 2015
  • Subscription package: 19,90€ per month (starting in 2015 – cancel at any time without penalties or fees)
  • Zero fraud, zero chargeback: Bitcoin transactions cannot be reversed by a third party.
  • No delay, no rolling balance: Euro / Bitcoin funds immediately available after payment
  • Global reach: worldwide payment gateway
  • Works with any website (WooCommerce and Prestashop ecommerce plugins already available, other ecommerce solutions plugins coming soon)
  • Secure API available


About Paymium:

Founded in 2011, Paymium is pioneering in the European Bitcoin landscape, with 60 000 European customers including 5 000 active traders 2.

Paymium is the company behind the Paymium Bitcoin exchange (previously known as Bitcoin-Central 3), offering a secure, reliable, high-performance trading platform in compliance with European regulations. Each customer account is linked to a payment account held for them by a licensed Payment Institution partner: customers send euros to an account owned by them to purchase bitcoins. Customers withdraw requests are transmitted directly to our Payment Institution partner.

Find us online:
Paymium websiteBlog@Bitcoin_Central (6600) – @paymium (800) – Facebook (700) – Instagram


1 Many thanks to, our first merchant customer
2 active trader: has executed a trading order in the last 100 days
3 Bitcoin-Central changed its name to Paymium on June 23rd 2014 – Announcement



Paymium CEO

One comment

  1. coolray · August 7, 2014

    The opposite is possible? To be paid in euros, and get bitcoins?

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